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Client Reviews

Michelle Jordan

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Michelle Jordan is a busy, single mother working two jobs with little time available for herself. Even with her fixed income and superannuation, Michelle was concerned that it wouldn’t be enough to provide her family a secure future. This lead her to go seek expert advice to start investing in property..

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Ross and Anna Goodings

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Ross and Anna came to AllianceCorp for further education about property investment. Determined to reach their financial goals, they had to think about how they could build a large property portfolio over the next ten years..

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Gary Young

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For many years, Gary has had to endure many challenges and uncertainties working on the Melbourne Docks. With job security being a constant concern, Gary wanted to find a way to set himself up financially so he could pursue his dream of retiring in Thailand by purchasing a portfolio of cash flow positive properties..

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Tanya Williams

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My partner and I live very busy lives and don’t have a lot of time for building wealth although we know how important it is. Working with AllianceCorp made the process so easy to expand our property portfolio..

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Dr. John Paul Teo

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We just purchased another two properties through AllianceCorp and are very happy with the experience. We have been wanting to expand our portfolio for many years but never seemed to get around to it..

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Corey and Lisa Overstead

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Lisa and I have worked hard to pay down our home loan and knew that if we did not use our equity to invest that we would regret it further down the track. Yet we knew nothing about property investment and even less about shares..

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The Batsons

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We are investing for retirement and approached AllianceCorp to assist us in purchasing our first investment property. They took us out to see four properties all of which we could add value to with a renovation..

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Ms Hwa Ch’ng

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I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with AllianceCorp. I have been to many seminars and heard lots about other companies trying to sell you properties straight away..

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Surashi Kahhodachchi and Anjana Mannapperuma

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We recently purchased our first property through AllianceCorp and are very happy with the experience. We have been wanting to start our portfolio for many years but never got around to it..

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Ravi Kumar 

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With a busy job and growing family, it was difficult for us to find the time to invest in property. AllianceCorp was able to help us build our property portfolio around our lifestyle. We were provided with so much professional knowledge that it has given us a lot of confidence to continue to build our portfolio. We are now on our way to purchase our fourth property through our Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. We recommend everyone seek professional property advice from AllianceCorp..

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Siddarth and Reshma Ahuja

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Siddarth and Reshma Ahuja are a busy couple that work long hours as chefs, with little time available to see their family or friends.They dream of a comfortable retirement where they can pay off their mortgage in the next ten years and travel the world. Like many Australians, the Ahujas are concerned that their income and super alone will not be enough to provide the future and have decided to put in place a wealth creation strategy through property investment..

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