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Client Review: Gary Young

Gary Young and Jason Paetow
Published:July 12, 2016
Client Review: Gary Young

For many years, Gary has had to endure many challenges and uncertainties working on the Melbourne Docks.

With job security being a constant concern, Gary wanted to find a way to set himself up financially so he could pursue his dream of retiring in Thailand by purchasing a portfolio of cash flow positive properties.

Gary sees building a large property portfolio as a great way to help him build wealth for his future and while providing an income while he lives overseas.

AllianceCorp has helped Gary purchase four properties through diversifying his portfolio across a number property markets around Australia.

Gary is now on his way to purchase another three properties and will be sipping on coconuts on the beaches of Thailand in no time.

“My plan was to always retire in Thailand but making it a reality was quite the challenge. Thanks to AllianceCorp’s help, I gained the confidence through their coaching and went on to leverage off their acquisitions services to purchase four cash flow positive properties. I still have a few more purchases to go before I complete my property wealth plan but I’m well on my way to living in Thailand.”