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Client Review: Ross and Anna Goodings

Ross Gooding's Quote
Published:July 25, 2016
Client Review: Ross and Anna Goodings

Ross and Anna came to AllianceCorp for further education about property investment.

Determined to reach their financial goals, they had to think about how they could build a large property portfolio over the next ten years.

AllianceCorp analysed the couple’s situation and helped them put together a diversified investment strategy in a number of different locations.

Ross and Anna have since gone to purchase three investment properties and are on their way to have a strong property portfolio that will provide them with positive cash flows and long-term capital growth.

“We approached AllianceCorp with a desire to build an investment property portfolio. Having entered into the property investment industry for the first time, we were cautious and wary of the noise, misinformation and unscrupulous operators in the industry. Our goal was to have someone we trusted with experience to educate and support us to then go on to help us secure the right portfolio plan. We found this person in Matt Bower. We were very happy with Matt’s ongoing assistance; he made us feel comfortable with the whole concept and ensured all necessary steps were explained. Matt’s experience and expertise throughout each phase has been invaluable in providing confidence and comfort when taking such large commitments with the goal of future returns.”