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Our Strategies

Our strategies

Our strategies 2

One of the key points of differentiation for AllianceCorp is that we offer a diverse range of property investment strategies to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for our clients. The investment strategies we use are tailored specifically to each and every client and include a range of property types and financial models. For example, some strategies we work with include:


Off-the-plan or new property strategy

Purchase new or off-the-plan properties in areas that offer good growth and high depreciation.

  • An off-the-plan property could increase in value substantially before you settle on the property
  • New properties offer the highest depreciation
  • Depending on the location, new properties can be easier to rent
  • Potential savings on stamp duty
  • Less maintenance
  • In demand lifestyle locations


Cash-flow positive

Purchase properties that generate positive income from day one.

  • Suitable for investors that can’t purchase negatively geared properties
  • Can provide income for retirement
  • Balance portfolio to multiply purchases every year
  • Can replace income


Dual Income Properties Strategy 

Purchase one block of land with two dwellings that allows for two rental incomes.

  • Provides cash flow positive income
  • Property has a constant growth factor
  • Great tax deductions through the investment property


Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Strategy 

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a Trust set up and maintained by members, with a sole purpose of providing retirement benefits. Members/Trustees “create” and operate their fund under their own unique investment strategy.

  • Provides you with the capability to control your financial goals
  • Taking greater control over how to invest for the future
  • Leverage your property portfolio


Negatively geared strategies

As long as the loan costs are greater than the rental income, then the Australian Taxation Office allows investors to offset the loss against their income. This strategy (known as negative gearing) is often considered more a tax strategy than an investment one.

  • Utilise your investment property to decrease the income tax you pay
  • Benefit from the capital growth on your property


Value add strategy

Purchase affordable established properties in high growth locations and renovate.

  • Negotiate lower price on properties due to their condition
  • Build equity into the property from day one
  • Increase the amount of rent you can attract
  • Claim the renovation cost through depreciation
  • Long term tenants prefer new property


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