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Client Review: Siddarth and Reshma Ahuja

Siddarth and Reshma Quote
Published:June 07, 2016
Client Review: Siddarth and Reshma Ahuja

Siddarth and Reshma Ahuja are a busy couple that work long hours as chefs, with little time available to see their family or friends.

They dream of a comfortable retirement where they can pay off their mortgage in the next ten years and travel the world.

Like many Australians, the Ahujas are concerned that their income and super alone will not be enough to provide the future and have decided to put in place a wealth creation strategy through property investment.

Before becoming AllianceCorp members, Siddarth and Reshma had a negative experience with their first property investment purchase and decided that for their second investment, they would seek expert advice from a seasoned property investment consultancy.

Alliance Corp analysed Siddarth and Reshma’s individual situation and helped them put together a low establishment cost strategy utilising some of the equity in their home to purchase an off-the-plan property.

Siddarth and Reshma were so happy with their first meeting with their property coach that they sat for a second meeting to gain more knowledge about property investment and how they could build a successful portfolio of properties in a small amount of time. After their second meeting AllianceCorp’s acquisitions team located a great investment opportunity for the couple and they have since purchased a property as per their property wealth plan.

The experience we had with AllianceCorp was effortless and has given us great peace of mind. They work long hours to ensure they are always available as often as possible and provided us with constant updates, which kept us at ease. All our questions were answered in detail and it made our process in purchasing that much easier.  I would highly recommend AllianceCorp, especially Nick Koumourou to newcomers and season property investors that are seeking to add wealth to their portfolio. Nick was very helpful, there was no pressure, and made us feel very relaxed and happy.”