AllianceCorp Workshop


Discover The Amazing Trade Secrets Millionaire Investors Use To Dominate The Property Game So You Can Build A Wildly Successful Portfolio In The Fastest Time Possible Without Putting It All On The Line!

Workshop With Property Expert, Jason Paetow

Here's Just A Mere Fraction Of What You'll Discover When You Attend This Event...

  • How Everyday Aussies Are Becoming Property Millionaires With An Average Income And How You Can Too - (believe it or not, you too can reap the real estate rewards without impacting your current lifestyle)  
  • The Copy And Paste “Portfolio Propelling System” Any Level Of Investor Can Use To 5X… 10X… Or Even 20X Their Portfolio Without Tremendous Risk – (based on 10 years of research, this system has pulled amateur and experienced investors into new income brackets time and time again)  
  • 3 Types Of Money-Multiplying Properties Every Investor Must Have For Safety And Security – (these often-overlooked properties are the safest bets you can make and you won’t lose a second of sleep on these wealth fertilizers)  
  • The One Type Of Property NEVER To Invest In Unless You Want To Risk It All – (inexperienced property investors burn their money on these blackhole properties every day of the week, we’ll reveal how to avoid them)  
  • Revealed: Melbourne And Brisbane’s Most Commonly-Overlooked Property Hotspots – (these little-known areas are hidden in plain sight and happen to be bursting with upside potential)  
  • How You Can Use “Profit Tell-Signs” To Identify Lucrative Properties Which 99% Of Investors Simply Overlook – (we’ll reveal the simple ‘profit tell-signs’ we personally use to identify hot properties without confusion)  
  • How To Wipe Out Your Entire Mortgage 3, 4 Or Even 5 Years Quicker Using Entry-Level Investment Properties – (this is one of our favorite lessons because you likely don’t understand how close you’re to escaping your mortgage and retiring earlier)  
  • Why Your First Investment Property Is The Golden Key To Unlock Money-Saving Tax Reductions - (the government will never tell you about these tax slashing strategies, but now you can save yourself a fortune in lost profits)



Melbourne CBD

Victoria University, Level 12, 300 Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC 3000


About Jason Paetow Jason Paetow established AllianceCorp in 2008 after identifying a need for an independent property advisory service in Melbourne. The business started off as a one-man-band that has since grown to a large and diverse team of property experts servicing the Australian property market. Jason’s experience as a qualified financial planner, mortgage broker, a REIV licenses real estate agent and license builder has made this company explode in the property industry.

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