What To Look For In A Successful Investment Property

When it comes to building a property portfolio, many novice investors do not remove the emotional element of purchasing a home and make decisions based on their personal views and opinions such as the aesthetics of the property, the location, the layout etc. rather than what will drive the best return. If you’re looking to […]

WA Performing Strongly Despite Rate Rises

Despite the ongoing disruptions affecting property markets across Australia, one state has stood out against the rest. Perth is still delivering strong sales activity and price growth with investors rushing to capitalise on the opportunity for high returns. So what are the main factors contributing to such resilience in Western Australian markets? AFFORDABILITY Despite experiencing […]

How To Use Equity To Buy Investment Property

BUYING AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY WITH EQUITY  It is common for investors to want to combine the tax minimisation advantages of buying an investment property with the benefits of not using their own savings. Equity release strategies aren’t always as straightforward as they seem and should not be mistaken for ‘get rich quick’ schemes. It is, […]


CLAIM MY GIFT With the end of the financial year around the corner, now is a fantastic time to stop and re-evaluate your current financial circumstance. If you’re someone who’s still on the fence about property investment, it’s likely you are unaware of the incredible wealth creation opportunities available to you right NOW, including the […]

The New COVID Tax – What Does This Mean For Investors?

Last week, the Victorian Government announced the introduction of ‘COVID Tax’, an incentive aimed to neutralise the state’s accrued COVID debt over a period of 10 years – estimating $4.7 billion by 2033. The government expects 860,000 Victorians will be affected, applying primarily to those who own a second property or multiple properties. WHAT DOES […]

Buying The Dip – Why Smart Investors Are Acting Now

Property investors have a lot to gain this year. There are opportunities to buy well in locations with growth credentials, achieve good rental yields to offset higher interest rates, and find rising income through rental increases amid historically-low vacancies. Managing Director of AllianceCorp Jason Paetow, explained on Wednesday 24 May why property investors are “buying […]

Metro or Regional: Which Is A Better Investment?

One of the most common mistakes among investors is the uneducated decision to buy properties within their local vicinity. These decisions are often based on emotion and limited knowledge of the property market, which often leaves them unable to build a property portfolio beyond one or two properties. While there are many factors that contribute […]

Top 7 Tips to Maximise Your Property Tax Return

Top 7 Tips To Maximise Your Tax Return Header

They say in life there’s two things you can’t avoid – death and taxes. However, through strategic property investment, we’re here to tell you otherwise! Having nearly hit the six month mark of the year, many investors are scrambling to know what they can claim on their property tax returns, so here at AllianceCorp, we’ve […]

Interest Rates Rise AGAIN – What Can You Do About It?

This week, we experienced the 11th rate rise in 12 months, starting at 2.85% in April of 2022 and now sitting on 3.85% It’s no secret this has created additional pressures on Australian households, however changing interest rates are a natural part of property cycles. Having experienced a major property boom during 2020 and 2021, […]

The Impact of Population Growth on the Australian Property Market

Recent reports show that Australia’s population growth has returned to pre-pandemic levels and is expected to reach its highest rate in history in 2023. This growth is particularly evident in major cities such as Melbourne, which has now become the most populous city in the country. As a result of this rapid population growth, the […]