A Deep Dive Into Negative & Positive Gearing

What It Means & How It Can Help You Unlock Financial Freedom Positive and negative gearing are terms that get thrown around a lot in the investment world, and we find many individuals wondering if positive gearing is better than negative gearing when it comes to their investment property. At AllianceCorp, we want to work […]

The New COVID Tax – What Does This Mean For Investors?

Last week, the Victorian Government announced the introduction of ‘COVID Tax’, an incentive aimed to neutralise the state’s accrued COVID debt over a period of 10 years – estimating $4.7 billion by 2033. The government expects 860,000 Victorians will be affected, applying primarily to those who own a second property or multiple properties. WHAT DOES […]

Top 7 Tips to Maximise Your Property Tax Return

Top 7 Tips To Maximise Your Tax Return Header

They say in life there’s two things you can’t avoid – death and taxes. However, through strategic property investment, we’re here to tell you otherwise! Having nearly hit the six month mark of the year, many investors are scrambling to know what they can claim on their property tax returns, so here at AllianceCorp, we’ve […]

Receive Your Tax Credits Today – PAYG Tax Variation

DOWNLOAD TAX REPORT LODGE AN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Think about almost every tax deduction. We patiently wait until June 30 for our group certificate, submit our tax return, and eagerly await our refund. While this approach suits most people, often it creates cash flow barriers for property investors as their pending tax breaks are so […]

How To Unlock Your Super Through Property Investment

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Thinking of investing but don’t quite have the funds saved up? You could be in a position to leverage a self-managed super fund! A self managed super fund, commonly known as ‘SMSF’ is essentially another avenue for you to save for your retirement. In each pay cycle, you might notice that a certain amount is […]

Rising Interest Rates – What Can You Do?

Rising Interest Rates - What Can You Do?

Since May this year, Australian homeowners and investors have seen back to back rate rises of 50bps creating significant concern around how they will maintain their mortgages. While interest rates have averaged 3.88% over the last twenty years, Australians have enjoyed historical low interest rates over recent years which has derailed expectations – however, there […]

Our Top 4 Tips To Pay Off Your Debt Faster

Our Top 4 Tips To Pay Off Your Debt Faster

Clearing your bad debt is essential to achieve your financial goals. Bad debt is debt associated with expenses that don’t improve your long term financial position, unlike investment debt. Examples of ‘bad’ debt include credit cards, personal loans and car loans. When it comes to getting into your first investment property, bad debt is twice […]

Four Tax Return Mistakes To Avoid As A Property Investor

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It’s no secret that Property Investment is a great vehicle to minimise tax and give yourself greater financial freedom. While the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) considers rental income as a taxable income, investors can claim a number of expenses to reduce this amount – including but not limited to: Property Management fees, maintenance and repairs, […]

Understanding Opportunity Cost

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“The loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen” The Australian housing market is a raging current and has shown evident examples of this over the last century. If you’re not in the market and have directed your funds to other avenues, market growth is your opportunity cost.  However, it’s not a simple fix. […]