Is It Better To Invest In Property Or Stocks?

Here’s why you should consider investing in property It’s the age old question of investors, “should I invest in property or stocks?” While both avenues offer lucrative opportunities for growth and wealth building, property is undoubtedly the safest and most profitable asset class. Unlike shares that are subject to significant volatility, the demand for housing […]

What Exactly Is A Buyer’s Advocate?

What do they do and why do I need one? If you’ve been hearing the term “buyer’s advocate” thrown around but you’re just not sure exactly what it means, you definitely aren’t alone. This is our comprehensive guide to what exactly a buyer’s advocate is, what they do and why you should consider working alongside […]

Australian Property Market Upswing Continues In These Key Markets

Housing Value Growth The Australian housing market upswing continued in the first month of 2024 with property values rising 0.4% and rents increasing by 0.8% after a 0.65 increase in December 2023. According to CoreLogic, the January increase marked the 12th straight month of value rises. While the results varied from state to state, Perth, […]

How Many Investment Properties Do I Need?

How Many Investment Properties Do I Need? As helpful as it would be to have a definitive answer to this burning question, there unfortunately isn’t one cut and dry answer. If you’re looking to build long term wealth in Australia, investment properties are the perfect way. The long term goal with investment properties generally is […]

Real Estate & Retirement: How Many Properties Are Enough?

Real Estate & Retirement How Many Properties Are Enough For Retirement? If you’re looking to fund your retirement through property investment, then you’ve likely thought about the following question: how many investment properties are enough? One of the biggest mistakes we see investors make is stopping after they purchase one or two properties. With the […]

2023 Year In Review & What We Can Expect For 2024

2023 Year In Review & What We Can Expect For 2024 Amidst 5 rate rises (125bp), skyrocketing rents up 9.1% and vacancies reaching a record low of 0.8% – it’s fair to say 2023 was a turbulent year. As we enter the new year, several positive projections are forecasted for the months ahead, including rate […]

Should You Invest In A New Or Established Property?

Should You Invest In A New Or Established Property? What is going to make a better investment for you When starting your property portfolio, you may be faced with a number of questions, like should you buy a new or existing property? When you’re deciding which option is right for you and your future investment […]

Your Guide To Rentvesting

Your Guide To Rentvesting  What is rentvesting and is it worthwhile?  Rentvesting is a trend that has been gaining traction in the investment world for the last few years, but what is rentvesting? And is it something that is worthwhile for you? Whilst it might seem obvious by the name, rentvesting is a property investment […]

Australian Property Prices Are On The Rise, But We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

Many industry experts, including Steve Douglas, Chairman of SMATS Group, are forecasting house prices to boom in 2024, largely due to a lack of supply and an immigration boom. However, these aren’t the only factors driving property prices in 2024, with affordability being one of the biggest variables, as well as the RBA’s movements with […]

The Five Most Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Investment Property

Property Investment Common Mistakes As you make one of the biggest investment decisions in your life, you should be aware of the potential risks involved. What might seem like a small mistake may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars if you are not equipped with the right information. To date, AllianceCorp has […]