What Does It Mean To Buy Property ‘Off-The-Plan’ & What Are The Benefits

As Australia’s population is forecasted to grow a further 1.5 million in the next five years, the demand for housing will inevitably soar, creating the perfect opportunity for investors. Buying a property off the plan means you’re getting in on a property deal before it’s built. Investing in this way allows investors to score a […]

X-Factor’s to Consider When Selecting Your Investment Property’s Location

When it comes to property investment, location is CRITICAL to your success. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the world of property investment, one thing remains constant – the significance of where your investment is located. To help you along the journey, we’ve curated the X-factors to consider when determining […]

Is It Better To Buy A Home Or An Investment Property First?

Homeownership remains a big bucket list item for many Australians, but the traditional path to achieving it is evolving. With shifting lifestyles, career goals, and financial circumstances, more Aussies are considering the option of buying an investment property before securing their own home. These individuals, often dubbed ‘rentvestors,’ choose to rent in their preferred location […]

What’s On The Property Horizon For 2023-2024

It’s no secret the Australian property market has faced its fair share of challenges over the last 18 months. After booming through the latter half of 2020 into 2022, with a peak of 26.2% in April 2022 the national HVI fell to its lowest point in February 2023 at -9.1%. However, the last few months […]

Interest Rates Rise AGAIN – What Can You Do About It?

This week, we experienced the 11th rate rise in 12 months, starting at 2.85% in April of 2022 and now sitting on 3.85% It’s no secret this has created additional pressures on Australian households, however changing interest rates are a natural part of property cycles. Having experienced a major property boom during 2020 and 2021, […]

Rental Rates – 2023 Set For Strong Returns

2023 has commenced with increasing rents across almost all major capital cities and low vacancy rates. Neither Sydney nor Melbourne had more than 1% of rental properties available for lease in January, a record low for both of these capital cities. Dr Nicola Powell, Domain’s Chief of Research and Economics, says the current rental boom […]

Interest Rates In 2023: What To Expect

In 2022, we saw the Reserve Bank Of Australia lift the cash rate a whopping eight times, stretching many household budgets to their limit. Consequently, this significantly decreased buyer confidence, which was reflected in lower clearance rates and listings throughout the year. Having reached their highest level since 2012, countless Australians are wondering whether they […]

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REQUEST YOUR PORTFOLIO REVIEW TODAY DOWNLOAD ALLIANCECORP WEALTH PORTAL In the last 12 months to November 2022, Landlords have come out on top despite the turbulence endured by the Australian Property Market. With historic low vacancy rates, low rental listings and booming rental yields, many investment properties generated thousands of cash flow positive income – […]

Andrew Wilson x Terry Ryder – Market Update & 2023 Forecast

As the year draws to a close, we sat down with Hotspotting’s Terry Ryder and My Housing Market’s Andrew Wilson, to discuss how the market is currently performing, what the property market will look like in 2023 and which hotspots are most likely to perform during the year. For more information on the best hotspots […]