So, my team challenged me to answer one of our FAQs about property investing. In UNDER TWO MINUTES!  This video comes from a frequent question we get here at AllianceCorp. “How can I invest without impacting my lifestyle?”  We hear this so often and I’m glad to say we have the solution!

This is one of the most common question I hear when it comes to investing. After all, I get it, you want to get ahead, yes you want to build a portfolio.  But please be mindful, above all, you also don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re having to constantly contribute funds. Or even worse. Find more funds to grow your portfolio. Your finances are probably tight enough with kids and a mortgage of your own!

There are a few secrets you need t o know to get you started.

Most importantly, you need a finance strategy.  You cannot go into investing without a clear grasp on your finances.

This video outlines our Master Facility Strategy.  The master facility is there to save you from dipping into your pockets should you have extra or unexpected costs that arise from your property.

Let me tell you more in under two minutes:

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