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How much do I actually need to invest?

By July 23, 2020 September 28th, 2020 No Comments

I have created this video to answer a question I keep encountering: “How much do I need to invest in property?”

A lot of people are operating under false assumptions. They think that to start building their property portfolio, and ultimately increase their wealth, they need at least $100k to start.

These sorts of misconceptions can really hold people back and mean individuals miss out on amazing investment opportunities because they falsely believe they aren’t ready.

In many circumstances, you do not require $100k to invest. In this video I explain:

What expenses are involved in investing
I break this down into the individual components you can expect to incur as part of your investment journey

The types and price point
There are so many types of properties and investment structures. I run through some options, including established houses, townhouses and house and land packages.

Incentives available
How you can use incentives to get deposits further down and enter the market sooner.

Watch the video here:

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