Over the years a number of clients have come in to my office and asked, “Jason, can you give me a property in a high growth area”?

But, people thinking of investing only thinking of one thing. Often, they are wanting to know what suburbs can deliver the most capital growth. This is because, they are thinking of the value increasing over time.  In fact, to generate wealth the suburb has only a plays small part.  However, they should focus on the type of property or the cash flow generated from the property.

It’s important to understand that property growth is a result of the laws of supply and demand. If the demand for properties in a region is high buyers will push prices up.  That is if the number of properties that exist in that region are less than the demand.  This is because, as they compete with one another to purchase in their desired location.

Property selection will impact the growth of a property. It is an essential component to building wealth.  However, you must always choose a location and property type based on your borrowing capacity. If you don’t, you may hit a brick wall with finance in the future.

To prevent this from happening, I’ve put together this video for you which gives you a good understanding of each property type. Also. what that means for building a property portfolio over the long term. This information will help you make wiser investment choices and enable you to achieve your financial goals faster and avoid any roadblocks.

In Melbourne we are expecting to see 8 million people by 2050.

So, what are the best types of property to buy? How can you make good financial decisions that impact your portfolio growth? Well that’s what I am going to tell you about in this video. Click to view the video below:

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