Each chapter below will teach you the step-by-step road map followed by Jason Paetow to build his lucrative portfolio and help THOUSANDS of Australian's achieve financial freedom

INTRO - How to become a professional property investor

Meet Jason! Property Expert. He is about to share the secrets on how to become a Professional Property Investor in just 6 Chapters!

CHAPTER 1 - Why invest in property?

Chapter One will outline the key benefits of property investment and most importantly answer all of your questions when it comes to being a first time investor.

Will I have enough? What are my options? Jason tells all!

CHAPTER 2 - Creating a finance strategy

In Chapter Two Jason goes into more depth about our unique investment processes and structures that we teach you in order to organise your finances and maximise your returns.

Do not miss his Master Facility and Multi Purchase  strategies that allows clients to understand their finances and begin investing sooner than they thought they could.

CHAPTER 3 - Creating a property strategy

Can’t quite get your head around understanding the market and what property type you should purchase? Then tune into Chapter Three.

By the end of this chapter you will have clarity surrounding each property type and which you should consider depending on your current financial position.

CHAPTER 4 - Case studies

In Chapter Four you will meet the extremely successful property investor Gary.

His road to success started here at AllianceCorp where we walked him through the entire investment process that lead him to owning 6 properties. Yes 6! Jason and Gary share the secrets to his performance and how they used his Master Facility to grow his portfolio in just a short amount of time.

CHAPTER 5 - Locations, research & reporting

Chapter 5 shows the HOTTEST markets right now.

What areas you need to invest in and what stage they are in the property cycle.  Jason also goes over the Market Roundup in Australia. See the average home costs and growth that has occurred in areas over the last few years.

CHAPTER 6 - Fast track your results

Meet our team in Chapter Six and see how we can fast track your wealth creation.

Learn how we help you through the entire process with our Property Wealth Plan that will lead you to owning a successful property portfolio.