Client 4

    Client 4


      PURCHASE DATE: August 2014

     PROPERTY TYPE: Existing older style house

    LOCATION: Salisbury, Brisbane, QLD

    PURCHASE PRICE: $462,000

    CURRENT VALUE: $600,000

    RENOVATION COST: $50,000

    RENTAL YIELD: 4.5%

    30% Growth in under 4 years

    This strategy was taken up by a couple in their fifties who were preparing for retirement. They had paid off their home loan, but had not actively taken control of their own wealth creation strategy.

    They began working with AllianceCorp to fast-track their retirement plan. They quickly invested in three properties, a triple purchase strategy in a variety of locations including purchasing an existing house in Salisbury, QLD. AllianceCorp helped them organize a renovation on the property which immediately added value to the property and increased their rental yield.

    The location helped secure substantial growth in the value of the property given the increase in demand for properties in the area, the location’s close proximity to the CBD and local amenities.

    (source: corelogic RP Data)

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