Rosemary & Angelo Krstevski

    Rosemary & Angelo Krstevski


     INVESTOR: Young Family


     STRATEGY TYPE: Low cost, buy and hold residential, leveraging equity, cashflow positive

    Rose and Angelo came to AllianceCorp looking for assistance to make their early retirement a reality.

    The couple were keen to invest but knew that they needed to rely on leveraging their equity to cover deposits and establishment costs. In order to do this, they needed to release equity, which lenders will do following a valuation.

    In Rose and Angelo’s case, they were dealing with a very conservative valuer which made the process a bit frustrating.

    A real estate agent will often tell home buyers their property is worth much more than it is. Home owners will often believe their home is worth a little more than the market value and valuers will often say it’s worth less.

    AllianceCorp believes as an investor, it is really important to understand the valuation process and what you can do if you consider you are experiencing a low valuation.

    Even with the valuation issues, Rose and Angelo still went on to purchase a property and are ready to purchase their second in the next year.

    “We lead very busy lives, both working whilst taking care of the two kids. Finding time to invest can be a struggle at times but AllianceCorp have made the process easy and provided us with much appreciated support. We have just purchased another property with AllianceCorp’s help and looking forward to purchasing the second once we finish our pool.”



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