Tanya Williams

    Tanya Williams


    INVESTOR TYPE: Young Family


    STRATEGY: Self-managed Super Fund purchase




    Tanya and Jason live busy lives, and wanted to get professional help to expand their property portfolio.

    Originally, the plan was for Tanya and Jason to purchase properties through their own name. However, this was not possible as Tanya was about to move jobs.

    Instead of waiting for Tanya to start her new job so they could secure their finances again, the couple were determined to keep momentum and move forward.

    AllianceCorp went on to assist the couple to buy an investment property by unlocking their superannuation.

    This goes to show that there are always more options and to not give up too early if you run into roadblocks when attempting to build your portfolio.

    Tanya and Jason now have a property through their superannuation and will shortly continue to purchase more properties in their own names.

    “My partner and I live very busy lives, and because of this we didn’t have enough time to look into building our wealth, especially knowing how important it was to start early. Working with AllianceCorp made the process of expanding our property portfolio effortless. They put us in contact with a specialist who set up our self-managed superannuation fund and found us a great investment property that was compliant with the fund. We’re looking forward to purchase many more properties with AllianceCorp.”



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