Hotspotting NSW Metro and Regional Bundle


Access both metro and regional suburb reports with our value bundle pack. From the hustle and bustle of New South Wales metropolitan areas to its developing regional suburbs, you will gain an insight into the current state of/ongoing trends of residential property in New South Wales’s most promising locations.


The regional areas of NSW abound with growth markets, as big city residents continue to target affordable lifestyle areas. Most locations are delivering big price rises.

There are 181 suburbs and towns throughout Regional NSW with rising sales momentum, which equates to 61% of locations.

Markets throughout Regional NSW are delivering exceptional price growth, from major regional centres like Newcastle and Wollongong to small rural towns like Glen Innes and Cootamundra.

Virtually every town or suburb through Regional NSW (97%) has recorded growth in their median house prices in the past 12 months and in the most recent quarter. Two-thirds have had annual growth above 10%. Only seven of the locations analysed in this report have failed to record growth in the past year.

There is spectacular growth right across NSW, but locations close to Sydney stand out.

Sydney is defying not only the pandemic but conventional wisdom. It has suffered major lockdowns, it is losing population to internal migration and overseas migration has been shut down, yet its market is booming.

In the circumstances, according to economic theory, Sydney prices should not be rising and sales activity should be stalling. Yet, according to CoreLogic data, Sydney’s median house price rose 1.9% in August, 7.1% in the latest quarter and 23% in the first eight months of the calendar year.

This is occurring on the back of extraordinarily high sales volumes. Our Spring survey has analysed 339 suburbs across the Greater Sydney area and 242 of them have rising sales activity: this means 71% of suburbs have upwardly-mobile trajectories, one of the highest percentages in the nation.