Hotspotting Report 7 Sydney Hotspots


The top 5 Sydney hotspots report offers unrivalled insights into some of the nation’s most promising up & coming suburbs, all located within close proximity to the always lively Sydney CBD. From the Northern Beaches to Blacktown, each suburb offers its residents a wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities, as well as a range of beautiful natural beaches and landscapes to be explored. Such amenities have been identified as key growth drivers for such areas within the metropolitan area.



Significant changes have occurred in the Sydney property market in the early part of 2022, with a weakening at the top end of the market and a re-focus on locations and dwelling types that offer better affordability.

Most notable is the shift in focus to more affordable suburbs for houses and also an uplift in demand for locations with apartments at attractive prices.

This is expected to be an ongoing feature of the Sydney market, with more buyers opting for apartments to achieve purchases in good locations at more affordable prices – in a city where the median house price is close to $1.5 million and many suburbs have median house prices above $1 million.

Against this backdrop, Hotspotting have published their new edition of the Top 7 Sydney Hotspots report.

So get yourself a copy of this report today if you wish to purchase wisely in the Sydney market.