Hotspotting Report 4 Tasmania Hotspots


The Tasmania pack offers unparalleled insights into some of the nation’s most promising up & coming cities, all located in both metropolitan and regional areas of Tasmania. From Hobart to Launceston these cities offer residents shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities, as well as a range of beautiful natural landscapes to be explored. Such amenities have been identified as key growth drivers for such areas within the regional and metropolitan areas of Tasmania.


The regional areas of Tasmania abound with growth markets, as big-city residents continue to target affordable lifestyle areas. Most locations are delivering big price rises.

Tasmania is unofficially divided into seven major regions (largely a tourism initiative). These regions include; the East Coast, Flinders Island, Hobart and South, King Island, Launceston and North, North West, and the West Coast. 

Markets throughout Regional Tasmania are delivering exceptional price growth, from major regional centres like Hobart and Launceston to small coastal towns like Burnie.

Virtually every town or suburb through Regional Tasmania has recorded growth in their median house prices in the past 12 months and in the most recent quarter. 

Tasmania is experiencing spectacular growth in most regions, but those near Hobart stand out.

So, against this background, Hotspotting has just published the new edition of the Top 4 Regional Tasmania Hotspots report.

It outlines 4 key regional centres in the state which offer affordability and lifestyle – and have great prospects for capital growth in the short-term but more importantly in the long-term as well.

So get yourself a copy of the report and find out our picks for the best places to target as investors in Regional Tasmania.