Retire Comfortably With Property!

We all want to retire comfortably right? When it comes to retiring people are often concerned as they edge closer to that time in their life.  The stress and reality of it hits and people begin to panic that they will not have the retirement they deserve after working hard their whole lives.

It always makes me laugh when I ask a new client about their financial goals, because everyone has the same answer. Whether they are tall, short, a man, a lady, a teacher, a plumber, a scientist a doctor – everyone wants the same thing.

The magical figure is $100,000, and this is what everyone tells me they want as a passive income to retire comfortably.

So when it comes down to it, everyone is different.  Your goals and current financial position will influence your road to comfortable retirement.  But, one thing that will get everyone there no matter the situation is a portfolio of at least 6 properties.  This will ensure you are as secure as you need to be heading into retirement.

So how many properties do you need to generate this magical number? Well that’s what I am going to tell you about in this two minute video:

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