Leveraging our dedicated buyers advocacy service, we can assure clients that the property chosen will put them in good stead to achieve financial freedom.



Our dedicated Acquisitions division has an 80 point due diligence they conduct on all properties and locations, to ensure they will stand up over the test of time.

The team uses a combination of industry experience, property fundamentals and data driven analytics to understand the key metrics of what makes property acquisitions profitable, and how it relates to today’s ever changing property market. There’s no magical algorithm, just experienced investors with access to tried and proven methods that consistently deliver results.

Whether you’re looking for a buyers advocate in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, or Perth, there is no-one better at acquiring property, acting as a full scale vendor advocate, and opening up your world to buying a rental property which can set you on the path to financial freedom.


In addition, by leveraging AllianceCorp’s buyer advocate service, clients also save copious amounts of time and energy as we do the groundwork on the most suitable locations and properties to their strategy, all while conducting due diligence on their behalf. Through this service, clients reap the benefits of:

End-to-end service from property purchasing through to leasing
Off-market networks and opportunities
Negotiation rights (for established properties)
Full market research and reports on the area in question
National property selections


What is the Minimum Down Payment of an Investment Property?

Typically speaking, investor’s will need a 20% downpayment on an investment property. However, there are avenues available that will accommodate a lower deposit such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

What Costs are Involved with Buying Land?

Aside from the land cost itself, additional fees that will be accrued by the purchaser include legal fees, loan establishment fees, stamp duty fees, land tax and Buyer’s Agent fees.

What is Property Acquisition?

Property acquisition refers to the process of gaining ownership or rights over real estate, whether it be land or a property.


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