With property wealth planning, you can build your property portfolio and purchase properties that suit your investment needs.




Through our tailored property investment strategies, we help clients build a property portfolio that achieves their financial goals without lifestyle impact.

You might be wondering, how does it work?

To kickstart your investment journey, our team of property professionals will begin by educating you on effective financial structures for successful investment.

Once you are comfortable with the fundamentals, we then analyse your current circumstances in detail, including debt and expenditure, borrowing capacity and any upcoming life changes that may affect your financial situation. By doing so, this allows us to deliver a bespoke finance strategy and relevant property advice so you can build a property portfolio safely, securely and profitably. It’s not just about the best place to buy an investment property, it’s about having a property investment plan, built for you by a certified property consultant, with access to all of the property advisory services that you could ever need.


We understand that property investment can be daunting, but we are very confident in our approach. That is why we offer a 100% deposit return guarantee if you’re not convinced after meeting us.



With customer-centricity at the core of our focus, we at AllianceCorp pride ourselves on being a partner for life. Should you choose to pursue our service, we will provide lifetime support through continued mentorship and annual portfolio reviews to ensure you continue to successfully build wealth through property. We’re not like other property investment consultancies, we offer a full scale property wealth management service.

Post Purchase Services

Coordination of titles, conveyancing, financing etc.

Property leasing and handover

Arrangement of handover activities in conjunction with sourcing a property manager for the property in question

Wealth acceleration and cash flow management

Acceleration of passive income to prepare next investment deposit

Portfolio management

Annual assessment of current assets, property wealth strategy and planning of future acquisitions


Can I Live In My Property Investment?

Put simply, no. By living in your investment property, this will become your principal place of residence which means that you will no longer generate a passive income. You also cannot claim tax deductions for the costs of owning and residing in the property.

Can You Claim Interest on an Investment Property?

Yes. Investors are entitled to claim the interest charged on the loan for that property and any affiliated bank fees associated. 

How Many Investment Properties Can I Own?

There is no limit on the number of investment properties you can own. However, there are a number of factors that are dependent on including sufficient deposits, positive cash flows, serviceability, time and finding the right property investment opportunities.

How Does Investment Property Depreciation Work?

Property depreciation refers to the wear and tear of a property as it gets older. Like anything else, the more a property depreciates the more maintenance it requires. Luckily for investors, property depreciation is a tax break that allows investors to offset the depreciation in value from their taxable income.


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