One of the top questions we get asked at AllianceCorp is should I purchase an investment property first or a home first?

There can be a MASSIVE difference between the financial outcome of buying  in the wrong order. These days most first time home buyers can’t afford to buy where they actually want to live.  If they can, they need to take out an enormous loan which maxes out their borrowing capacity.

They risk becoming a slave to their mortgage which impedes their ability to get ahead financially.

I know this all to well. I purchased my first home before I purchased an investment property. Due to the large mortgage, I spent many years trying to get the mortgage low enough to put me in a position to buy an investment property. Had I purchased an investment property first (where I could have received rental income while also renting
myself in an area I wanted to live in), my borrowing capacity would have enabled me to buy many more
properties sooner.

In other words, learn from my mistakes like I did.

Download our free guide and learn how you can:

  • Make your dream home your first home
  • Fast track your wealth creation
  • Live where you want while still getting ahead
  • Take advantage of the First Homeowners Grant

The guide also includes a case study where Jane was able to increase her wealth by $1.7 million through purchasing an investment property over a home first.

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