At AllianceCorp we pride ourselves on our dynamic team. Our aim as a collective is to educate Australians on the smartest ways to own a healthy property portfolio and enjoy the financially secure life they deserve.  

Each team is responsible for individual assets that allow this business to work as smoothly and professionally as it does, paired with the years of knowledge and expertise displayed by our team our services are second to none.  

Our team consists of Jason Paetow our Managing Director, the mind behind AllianceCorp.  We then have our Property Coaches who are the first point of contact our clients have with the business they work closely with the Education and Marketing Team who curate all of our educational resources for you.  

The Senior Property Coaches each have over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the property industry.  They are our buyers advocates who work closely with the clients, leading them and educating them through the entire investment process.  Our Senior Property Coaches are trained negotiators that find investment grade properties at the best price point.

The Research and Acquisitions team source our properties and together with our in house finance specialists, FinAlliance, ensure we have your finances under control and take the pressure off you.  Finally, our Settlements and Concierge Team. They hold the clients hand from the time a client puts forward an expression of interest to purchase a property all the way up to leasing the property. They help clients navigate legal requirements, build updates and liaising with property managers to ensure the properties are leased.

As a team we have the entire process covered from start to end – will be there with you the entire way!


Level 5, West Tower

608 St Kilda Rd

Melbourne VIC 3004


Our customer service team LOVE answering your questions! Either call us directly, or send us a message below and we would be glad to help you: