130k in your super is more than enough to start your dream property portfolio!

My client bought this property using his Self Managed Super Fund that only had $130k in it.

Doesn’t seem enough?

Well it is and he did!

130k in your superannuation fund is more than enough to start your dream property portfolio!

Clients are absolutely mind blown when we tell them this as they often receive advice saying it is near impossible unless you have at least 250k in your super fund. They always say they wish they had known sooner, they wouldn’t have wasted so much time waiting!

We work with financial planners and our finance team to enable you to invest through a Self Managed Super Fund with as little as 130,000 in your super fund.

The best things about investing with a Self Managed Super Fund is that once in retirement phase there’s no capital gains tax, no income tax on rentals and your property portfolio is completely self-sufficient and does not impact your day to day life. You are creating wealth in your sleep!

What are you waiting for? Leverage your position in the market by staying on top of your finances, understanding them and knowing what is going on with your money!

Want to learn more about investing with your SMSF? My team has put together some special superannuation resources for you including a video from me where I talk about how you can invest through your super fund. As well as this you will have access to our FREE ebook ‘How to unlock your super with a SMSF.’

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