What we do

If property investment was simple, you would already have a large property portfolio.

The main reasons that people don’t get ahead through property investment is: lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of access to growing markets and fear of making a costly mistake.

An investment strategy is much more complex than sticking your hand up longer than the next person at an Auction. You should not be making one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life without guidance.


1. Preliminary Finance Assessment

• Identify best property types and locations
• Prepare Wealth Builder Report
• Plan finance strategy

2. Property & Finance Coaching Session

• Present the Property Wealth Plan

3. Research & Acquisitions

• Uncover the best locations of property across Australia
• Prepare detailed Property Reports
• Negotiate best purchase price

4. Finance Strategy Presentation

• Current Financial Synopsis
• Borrowing capacity assessment
• Cash Flow Management Plan

5. Tailored Property Wealth Workshop

• Fast track your results
• Save you time & money
• Purchase all types of properties

6. Acquisitions Meeting

• Learn about contracts
• Review contracts
• Review all time lines

7. Contract Management & Settlement

• Post purchase concierge service
• Contracts approved

8. Construction Stage

• Deadlines and builders are monitored regularly
• Progress updates provided

9. Property Management

• Source quality property managers in area

10. Portfolio Review

• Review portfolio
• Update Wealth Plans
• Ongoing acquisitions