You need to invest on the Sunshine Coast!

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A HUGE mistake property investors make, is ONLY INVESTING in the one location but why not try the Sunshine Coast?


I had a new client come to see me last week who had bought three investment properties. Great! However, they were all in the same street! While this is better than doing nothing it all, investing in the one city exposes you to financial risk.


For instance, if you had $600,000 to invest in shares would you put it all in the one company? As you build a large portfolio your properties should be in several cities.  As you need to expect there will be natural peaks and troughs in the market.  Above all we don’t want all of your properties to go through a drop in value at the same time!

Do you want to diversify your portfolio by investing interstate but have a low borrowing capacity? Look no further than the Sunshine Coast – home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches! ☀️

Every commentator will agree at the moment that the Sunshine Coast is one of the more robust players in the property investment market.  With higher rental yields due to the strong economy, infrastructure, retail and tourism to the area.

20 billion dollars worth of infrastructure is going up as we speak and this only means more opportunities for occupancy. For $500,000 on the Sunshine Coast you can grab yourself a four bedroom home and collect $500 a week rent. With rental yields sitting at 5% and under 2% vacancy rate.

With a population of 300,000 and an expected 550,000 to flock the area by 2040 why wouldn’t you want to expand your portfolio here?


I created this video on the market in Sunshine Coast while I was there recently. You do not want to miss this one!


When investing interstate, you must be aware of the sinkhole properties you should never invest in! However, this is where working with an expert team is crucial: Our Research and Acquisitions team have access to data and insights on locations that can make or break your property purchase.


If you want to arrange a FREE Property Investment Strategy Session with a Senior Property Expert to talk about exclusive property types and strategies in key markets across Australia book in now.


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