2023 Year In Review & What We Can Expect For 2024

2023 Year In Review & What We Can Expect For 2024 Amidst 5 rate rises (125bp), skyrocketing rents up 9.1% and vacancies reaching a record low of 0.8% – it’s fair to say 2023 was a turbulent year. As we enter the new year, several positive projections are forecasted for the months ahead, including rate […]

Should You Invest In A New Or Established Property?

Should You Invest In A New Or Established Property? What is going to make a better investment for you When starting your property portfolio, you may be faced with a number of questions, like should you buy a new or existing property? When you’re deciding which option is right for you and your future investment […]

4 Key Tips for Investing without Impacting your Lifestyle

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Surprisingly, many people still believe that investing requires you to sacrifice your current lifestyle. Never going out. Never travelling. Never doing the things you enjoy. Hear AllianceCorp’s Managing Director, Jason Paetow, expose the flaws in this line of thinking, as he reveals the 4 crucial tips that can help you to invest without impacting your […]

Property Boom in 2021

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House prices have risen at their fastest rate in 17 years. Australian residential property prices rose 13.5% over the 2020/21 financial year. This is the highest annual growth rate since 2004. ​​​​​​​It’s fair to say, Australia is in the midst of a property boom. It’s been four months since I made this video, below, about the drivers behind […]

How To Buy 5 Properties In 5 Years

Check out Jason’s latest video where he teaches you how to own 5 properties in 5 years : LOCK IN A FREE CONSULATION WITH JASON’S TEAM (VALUED AT $1000) Discover the investment strategies that have helped so many of our clients build large, profitable portfolios BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY CALL WITH OUR EXPERT PROPERTY COACHING […]

Your Borrowing Capacity Has Increased

In this video, AllianceCorp Managing Director, Jason Paetow, demonstrates how lower interest rates have increased many people’s borrowing capacity. That means if you previously wanted to invest in a 3 bedroom townhouse but couldn’t afford it – now, you probably can. Jason explains exactly how this works and how this situation has come about in […]

What Is The Best Property Strategy?

here are many different property types and strategies out there on the market: flipping, commercial, buy and hold, dual occupancy, developments, syndicates and the list goes on! Choosing the WRONG strategy can cost you millions so it is CRUCIAL you make an informed decision. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to property investment and different strategies will suit […]

Lender’s Mortgage Insurance – Why It’s An Investor’s Best Friend

There are a lot of costs to consider when investing and it’s understandable that many people want to avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI). While it’s often seen as protection for the banks, LMI provides certain advantages to investors. In this video, I explain how paying LMI in the short-term can get you $70k ahead […]

Get More Tax Back Through Strategic Property Investment

Would you like to know how you can keep more of your hard-earned income and pay less tax? We all work hard to bring in enough cash to support our families and put a bit away for a rainy day. It sucks when you look at your payslip each week and see thousands of your hard earned dollars going […]

5 Top Tips For Saving Your Deposit Sooner

Surprisingly, many people still believe a home deposit is unattainable. That to save for a home deposit takes nothing but years of sacrifice and lifestyle changes. This just simply isn’t the case. You should be acting now so you can capitalise on the property boom. Hear AllianceCorp’s Managing Director, Jason Paetow, expose the flaws in […]