Is It Better To Invest In Property Or Stocks?

Here’s why you should consider investing in property

It’s the age old question of investors, “should I invest in property or stocks?”

While both avenues offer lucrative opportunities for growth and wealth building, property is undoubtedly the safest and most profitable asset class. Unlike shares that are subject to significant volatility, the demand for housing has, and never will be in a shortage. 

This is our guide on why investing in property is the best option for anyone  looking to build their wealth.

It’s tangible 

One of the number one reasons property appeals to so many investors is that it is a tangible, physical asset. This tangibility tends to offer up a sense of stability and security that stocks may not offer, especially during times of market volatility.

Investing in property also allows investors to diversify their assets across suburbs and states, which can help you mitigate risks like market fluctuations or industry-specific changes. 

It’s a steady form of income 

One of the other most compelling reasons to think about investing in property is that it can  deliver  steady income and cash flow. You can use your investment properties as rentals that provide you with a consistent stream of income over time. 

Opportunity for long-term growth

As well as providing a regular source of income and cash flow, investment properties also allow for long-term capital growth.. Whilst you may see some short-term fluctuations, investing in property is a reliable strategy for building wealth in the long term. 

As you can see from the below graph, despite the small fluctuations in the property market, the general trend of property has always gone up. This has also been regardless of major economic events and inflation. 

There’s tax benefits 

Another great reason to consider property investment is the opportunity for a range of different tax benefits. Real estate investors may be able to benefit from deductions like depreciation, maintenance and repairs, professional fees and much more..

These tax benefits can help to reduce the tax burden for property investors, making property investment a viable option for many investors looking to grow their wealth and reap the rewards of various tax deductions. 

You can finance 

Property investment also allows for you to leverage your capital through financing your mortgage allowing you to grow your property portfolio. You can use your current investment properties as leverage to purchase more properties, growing your portfolio and in turn, growing your overall wealth! 

Where does AllianceCorp come in? 

At AllianceCorp, we are experts in all things property investment, and whilst we know that both property and stocks offer viable return opportunities, we know the unique benefits of deciding to invest in real estate. 

If you want to explore the many benefits of investing in real estate, or you want to chat to experts about your current investment opportunities, you can book a free consultation with one of our experienced team members today and unlock how to grow your investment portfolio!


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