AllianceCorp is a total end-to-end property investment consultancy, committed to providing quality education and tailored strategies for everyday Australians

Investor Express was created by AllianceCorp to help people get started in property investing with the guidance of a financial coach.


As we have worked with thousands of clients to date, we are well aware of the challenges facing potential property investors who aren’t quite financially ready to enter the property market, which is why we created Investor Express.

By leveraging the simultaneous benefits of a high interest savings account and a dedicated finance coach, prospective property investors can reap the benefits of accelerated savings and increased borrowing capacity, as well as reduce the time it takes to invest in the property market by up to three years!

Saving may not be sexy, but it is vital to creating a successful property portfolio – and with the help of our dedicated finance coaches, property investors can work one-on-one with our team to develop realistic budgeting plans for saving, while providing you with the tools to stay on track and achieve financial success.


1. Set a goal and stay accountable: Ensure you adhere to your weekly savings contributions and take additional expenses into consideration so you don’t have to leverage your deposit savings.

2. Eliminate your non-essential expenses: Small actions like buying coffees and lunch every day, shopping at expensive grocers, dining out regularly etc. can considerably eat into your savings! Be mindful of the small expenses as they can significantly impact your savings over time.

3. Spend smart: Re-evaluate your current spending habits and determine some key areas where you can make changes. Dining out three times per week? Reduce it to one. Purchasing lunch everyday? Make it at home! On an expensive phone plan? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate. By making small changes to your regular expenses, you will notice a considerable change to the amount you are putting towards your deposit each week.

4. Get the right help: Through the help of AllianceCorp, investors can leverage the simultaneous benefits of a high interest savings account, a finance coach and a house deposit top up which will allow them to reap the benefits of accelerated savings and increased borrowing capacity in a much shorter time frame.

The best way to increase borrowing capacity is to pay down existing debts, increase income, make regular contributions to your savings and curb expenditure. By doing so, this will demonstrate to lenders that you live within your means, are able to adequately save and can facilitate mortgage repayments for the foreseeable future.

At AllianceCorp, our focus lies within your capability to save as opposed to the amount you have saved so far. Currently, the average Australian takes 11 years to save their deposit, but by leveraging Investor Express, we can accelerate your deposit and reduce the time to invest by up to three years.


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