Why NOW Is An Opportune Time For Savvy Property Investors

“The ‘bad times’ usually means good times if you’re a savvy investor, because those who are panicking are unfortunately buying into the negative narrative, and if they panic to the degree of selling, this presents great opportunities for investors as they can secure a property in the market at a discount.” – Dr. Andrew Wilson

Whether you’re a homeowner, an investor or simply scanning the market, it’s guaranteed you have caught on to the negative hype surrounding recent RBA interest rate hikes. While there is no denying that 2022 has seen the most rapid interest rate rises in 20 years, implementing higher repayments on existing loans, it does present a great opportunity for investors to review their portfolio strategy and take advantage of the current market conditions.

To address the media hype, we sat down with Dr Andrew Wilson, Economist and Founder of My Housing Market to talk us through a number of economic factors affecting the property market including but not limited to unemployment, wages, inflation, immigration and much more to help investors gain a better understanding of where the market currently stands and why it presents a golden opportunity for them.


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