AllianceCorp’s property experts prepare tailored real estate research reports that help investors make informed decisions.




Our national team of experts keeps their finger on the market pulse and produces rigorous research reports to help you make an informed property investment decision.

Leveraging a combination of our own real estate market analysis and professional relationships with distributors and researchers, we at AllianceCorp are always conducting rigorous property market research to ensure our investors see rewarding returns on their investment properties. From general property research to exclusively selected suburb research, we have all of the key real estate reports and investment property analysis at our fingertips, ready to go.


As Australia’s leading property wealth consultancy, we choose to engage industry leaders such as SQM Research, HotSpotting, My Housing Market and CoreLogic to guide our selections, and hold very strict investment-grade criteria in order to give investors the best chance to maximise returns and achieve their financial goals.


Whether you invest in an established property, house and land package, commercial property or off-the-plan property, we can assure that our 80-point due diligence process is applied on each and every property to certify that they will stand the test of time and offer rewarding returns for investors. Some of these elements include selecting areas with:

Demonstrated growth
Established infrastructure
Strong population
Heightened demand
Access to amenities


How Do I Research A Property Before Buying?

When researching an investment property, a few factors that should be considered are: growth/capital gains, rental yield, infrastructure, access to jobs, population, vacancy rates and asking rental prices in the property’s location.

How To Research the Property Market

To understand the property market, there are a number of micro and macroeconomic factors that should be considered. Some of these factors include: the property cycle, interest rates, Government policies and legislation, consumer confidence and builder confidence.

How To Research Property History

To effectively research the history of an established property, there are a number of free resources available on platforms such as and Domain that provide a total property snapshot, including sold history, rental history and comparable properties in the area.


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