How To Unlock Your Super Through Property Investment

Thinking of investing but don’t quite have the funds saved up?

You could be in a position to leverage a self-managed super fund!

A self managed super fund, commonly known as ‘SMSF’ is essentially another avenue for you to save for your retirement. In each pay cycle, you might notice that a certain amount is deducted from your salary to go towards your superannuation which is your nest egg for when you retire.

Self-managed super funds are a popular choice for many Australians. In fact, over 1.15 million Australians are members of an SMSF.

SMSF owners determine what assets their fund invests in, whether it’s property, shares, or other investments.

While this is a great structure to prepare for that life stage, for many Australians, it will not be enough to accommodate a comfortable retirement.

Let me explain why.

Thanks to advancements in healthcare to date, men aged 65 are expected to live a further 20.9 years, and women have a further 24.3 years to live while the average superannuation balance at retirement remains at $200,000 for men and $100,000 for women. Now if you divide these figures by 20 years, it leaves the average man only $9,569 per year and $5,000 for the average woman. Confronting, right?

Even if you are topped up by the pension, the current full age pension for couples is only $33,571 per year. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) states that a mortgage-free retired couple requires a minimum of $47,766 to facilitate bills and live from week to week.

HOWEVER, there is good news!

According to SuperRatings, the median annual return for a default investment option for the 2020 calendar year was 3.7%. So if you had a superannuation balance of $100,000 this would see you gain $3,700 in growth.

What if instead, you used this $100,000 as a deposit towards a $400,000 neutrally geared property in Melbourne? If the value of your property increased by 6% (annual capital growth rate in Melbourne over the past ten years) the value of your property would have increased by $24,000 in the first year alone!

With many Australians now becoming aware of their retirement realities, they are now taking their financial future into their own hands by setting up a SMSF as a vehicle to invest in property. Some reasons include:

  • Getting their super working harder
  • Taking greater control over how they invest for the future
  • Accessing more asset classes such as direct property
  • Leveraging their portfolio
  • Super easy to set up – particularly when working with the experts!

AllianceCorp works with a number of independent, Australian owned, Self Managed Superannuation Fund administration specialists who can help clients set up their own SMSF and provide support for the ongoing management of the fund.

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